Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mac Fun!!

So from time to time the sibs and I will find ourselves bored...we result to PHOTO BOOTH!!! :) Hehe! It's so much fun...maybe a little too fun?? See what you think...

Christina and I...we were suppose to be making seductive looks...
I don't think Christina fully understood that term...Haha!

We, obviously, were VERY VERY excited! Hehe! Jk! This
was our cheesy face! :D

SURPRISE!! Right on the cheek! Hehe

My turn!!

Just goofiness...

Awww...that's kinda cute...sisterly love! :)

Mads, Christina, and I...oh brother, here comes the REAL goofiness!

Haha! I love how we all show a different emotion!

What are you doing Christina?! Hehe

This one is my FAVORITE! :)


Don't we just make you laugh...?!

I know we make me laugh!! :D


Andrea Hale said...

You girls are weird!

Bumble Bee said...

HAHA Dont you just love sisters!!!