Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

So Thanksgiving Break this year consisted of LOTS and LOTS of people! It was a BLAST! Chelsi's family came to stay with us for the week, and Malorie also got to come home for the week! :D As crazy as it was around the house, I was really sad to see everyone go.
Somehow, during all of the CRAZINESS we were able to take some pictures...Here are a little handful... :)

The In-N-Out Run!

In-N-Out for 30 people can get a little out of hand, not 
to mention the stares we got from the people behind us 
in the Drive-thru! hehe

Going to see TWILIGHT!!

Chelsi, Alexi, Whitni, Malorie, Me, and Christina before the movie.
It was my second time seeing it, and I still liked it 
just as much, maybe more!

All of us after the movie...hehe!

Again... :)


Just Hanging Out!

Grant giving Mals a "BIG KISS!" hehe

Joe and James! I love this picture of them! It's adorable!

Christina and Grant!

James...he's wondering where all of his food!

Grant lovin' his In-N-Out!

Jacob and James...yes, we actually did go swimming that week, 
however, the pool WAS heated! lol

Lexi and Kooper! How ADORABLE is that?! :)

The Pie Making!

Christina, Chelsi, Whitni, and Malorie!

Chels and Whit! They are so cute! ;)

Chelsi's mom, Shannon, and Christina!

Chelsi preparing the pie crust...which she did an 
exceptional job on! ;)

The Pecan Pie...which I made all by myself! hehe

The Apple Pie...which I also made all by myself! :D

The Caramel Apple Pie that Melanie and I made together!

The Large Pumpkin Pie that Chelsi made!

The Small Pumpkin Pie that Chelsi also made! 
Great job Chels! ;)

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Andrea Hale said...

That pic of James with the food all over him is great. I also love the one of Grant kissing Mal. Oh, and I'm a little sad I wasn't in the Twilight pic with the rest of you. :)