Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My weeny has a first name...

It's O-S-C-A-R!

Me and the weeny! hehe!

Chels and I with the weeny! :)

Chels and Spencer with the weeny!

Chels with the weeny!

Chels again...taking a nap with the weeny! We are so 
attached to it...lol!

Enough to fight over it! ;)

-And then devour it!

I know, I know...we ARE dorks! But it's okay Chels! 
Cause we're in it together! :D Oh! And my weeny 
also has a second name....
It's M-A-Y-E-R!! hehe

To Grandmother's House We Went...

Me and my brother Scotty!

Christina and our niece Kiley...SOOO cute!!

Me and my BEST FRIEND!!

Christina and Andrea...it's amazing how close we get
the older we get! hehe!

I love this one!! Grant and his daddy (Chris)!

The Figgins family! Nicole, Scotty, Kenady,
Kiley, and Kamryn!


Uncle Frank, cousin Kurt, Grandma, Grandpa,
Aunt Clare, and cousin Michelle!

Grant playing with his cousin Kenady! They were
SOOO cute playing together!

Grant, Chris, and Kenady! For some reason all the 
baby girls LOVE Chris! lol

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

So Thanksgiving Break this year consisted of LOTS and LOTS of people! It was a BLAST! Chelsi's family came to stay with us for the week, and Malorie also got to come home for the week! :D As crazy as it was around the house, I was really sad to see everyone go.
Somehow, during all of the CRAZINESS we were able to take some pictures...Here are a little handful... :)

The In-N-Out Run!

In-N-Out for 30 people can get a little out of hand, not 
to mention the stares we got from the people behind us 
in the Drive-thru! hehe

Going to see TWILIGHT!!

Chelsi, Alexi, Whitni, Malorie, Me, and Christina before the movie.
It was my second time seeing it, and I still liked it 
just as much, maybe more!

All of us after the movie...hehe!

Again... :)


Just Hanging Out!

Grant giving Mals a "BIG KISS!" hehe

Joe and James! I love this picture of them! It's adorable!

Christina and Grant!

James...he's wondering where all of his food went...lol!

Grant lovin' his In-N-Out!

Jacob and James...yes, we actually did go swimming that week, 
however, the pool WAS heated! lol

Lexi and Kooper! How ADORABLE is that?! :)

The Pie Making!

Christina, Chelsi, Whitni, and Malorie!

Chels and Whit! They are so cute! ;)

Chelsi's mom, Shannon, and Christina!

Chelsi preparing the pie crust...which she did an 
exceptional job on! ;)

The Pecan Pie...which I made all by myself! hehe

The Apple Pie...which I also made all by myself! :D

The Caramel Apple Pie that Melanie and I made together!

The Large Pumpkin Pie that Chelsi made!

The Small Pumpkin Pie that Chelsi also made! 
Great job Chels! ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mac Fun!!

So from time to time the sibs and I will find ourselves bored...we result to PHOTO BOOTH!!! :) Hehe! It's so much fun...maybe a little too fun?? See what you think...

Christina and I...we were suppose to be making seductive looks...
I don't think Christina fully understood that term...Haha!

We, obviously, were VERY VERY excited! Hehe! Jk! This
was our cheesy face! :D

SURPRISE!! Right on the cheek! Hehe

My turn!!

Just goofiness...

Awww...that's kinda cute...sisterly love! :)

Mads, Christina, and I...oh brother, here comes the REAL goofiness!

Haha! I love how we all show a different emotion!

What are you doing Christina?! Hehe

This one is my FAVORITE! :)


Don't we just make you laugh...?!

I know we make me laugh!! :D