Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mac Fun!!

So from time to time the sibs and I will find ourselves bored...we result to PHOTO BOOTH!!! :) Hehe! It's so much fun...maybe a little too fun?? See what you think...

Christina and I...we were suppose to be making seductive looks...
I don't think Christina fully understood that term...Haha!

We, obviously, were VERY VERY excited! Hehe! Jk! This
was our cheesy face! :D

SURPRISE!! Right on the cheek! Hehe

My turn!!

Just goofiness...

Awww...that's kinda cute...sisterly love! :)

Mads, Christina, and I...oh brother, here comes the REAL goofiness!

Haha! I love how we all show a different emotion!

What are you doing Christina?! Hehe

This one is my FAVORITE! :)


Don't we just make you laugh...?!

I know we make me laugh!! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bonfire Fun

So last month Chels and I went to a bonfire with some friends at Butcher Jones. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from our evening of fun...

The star of the show! hehe

Our fun little group...Alesha, Caleb, Greg,
Me, Ryan, and Chelsi!

Ryan and Caleb...Caleb is trying to be seductive
with a marshmallow...hehe

Me and Ryan

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exciting Happenings!!

So as some people might know, the DAVID ARCHULETA CD just came out on the 11th!! I absolutley love it!! My favorites are, "Crush," "Touch My Hand," "A Little Too Not Over You," "Angels," and "Works For Me!" They are so so good!! :)

Also, all of us TWILIGHT fans only have to wait one more week for the movie that we've been longing for!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! :D I am SOOO excited!! Everyone I know is excited about it! Even my brother-in-law! Hehe! I had originally bought tickets to the mid-night showing, but I ended up being the only loser that would be able to go to it. Lol Everyone else has school, jobs, or, I changed my ticket time to Friday night. But I'm still just as excited! No one better ruin it for me though, so NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! 

Another exciting thing is the AWESOME weather and the HOLIDAY SEASON approaching us! Thankgiving is right around the corner and then Christmas is not too long after that! This is my absolute favorite time of the year! Not only can I eat as much as I want without having to feel bad about it and receive gifts without having to do really anything to earn them, but I get to spend LOTS of time with MY FAMILY and reflect on all the things I'm grateful for. That's what it's all about for me...believe it or not. -And boy do I have LOTS to be grateful for! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Blogger

Hey there! Well, almost all of my sisters have blogs now...and a lot of friends and other family members do as well, so I decided it might be fun! I like to "be in the know" and I like friends and family to be as well, so since someone hacked into my facebook, I again figured creating a blog might be a good idea. As some people know, I got engaged in July, however, now I am no longer engaged. Also, as many know, I was working at Crackers & Co. Cafe...well, I was just recently let go. Turns out they don't like you going to church instead of a meeting that is absolutely pointless for you to go to. ;) But don't cry for me! Everything happens for a reason. It was all for the best. So, now I am just job hunting and going to the Singles Ward! Fun stuff! haha I had an interview today with Charlotte Russe and I have another one on Saturday with Buckle. So we'll see! Hopefully I find something soon. But in the meantime I am just doing jobs around the house to make money and hanging out with friends and family. Well, actually my friends are my family. lol! Besides Chelsi, but she's pretty much counted as family now. So, if you ever need a little change and want to hang out with someone new, I'm always here! ;)